Rhythm Heaven and the Nintendo DSi

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I recently bought the game you see Beyonce playing on TV, Rhythm Heaven and I’ve gotten past the first test, but not much further, it’s hard!

I preordered a DSi and went and picked it up in the wee hours of my birthday, April 5th. I had to buy it, in June 2007 I won a DS from BobMeetsWorld.com (run by someone else now) for Bob’s 30th birthday he gave his away. “Bob” later went on to start JohnCow.com, a wildly successful domain, playing on a commonly misspelled domain, JohnChow.com.

I found it somewhat funny that the newest generation of the DS was coming out on my 30th birthday, so I preordered it. I’m enjoying it, I bought the black one, and they’ve by far improved it over the previous design, the power button is no longer a slider that can accidentally be flipped during game play. The sound is no longer a slider either, and the screens are bigger.

The Nintendo DSi camera and sound are my favorite parts of the DSi, aside from the games of course. As you can see in the commercials, these are really fun ads to the DSi:

If you have a Wii, you can watch commercials for upcoming things, there are videos there about the DSi that are definitely worth watching showing all the cool things you can do with the sound options that have been added.

When you buy the DSi you receive 1000 Nintendo points to use in the DSi shop. Very cool. I bought two games with my points and now have 100 points left, I’ll have to buy more points to use them since the levels are Free, 200 Points, 500 Points and 800 Points.

You can download the DSi browser for free, it’s fun but I haven’t explored it that much yet. They recently added a game under 500 points that’s from Clubhouse Games, it’s called Card Classics, and I’d recommend it. I didn’t download it but I have the actual DS Clubhouse Games:

It’s a very fun game, by far the best DS game I’ve found so far, and the online play and local game options are a lot of fun if there’s more that one DS in the household. I also have Mario Kart, My Sims and Touchmaster. I got Mario Kart with the Nintendo DS that I won and it’s a great, intense game though a lot of people have cheats.

I never really got into games in my childhood or adolescence so it’s a little funny that I’m into them now, but it was winning that DS two years ago that set these wheels in motion. Now there’s no stopping me, lol.

What games do you play?


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