Antiques Roadshow and History

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I was looking around on the website of the local news channel when this story caught my eye. Very interesting, I love reading things like this, rare finds that are impressive and definitely newsworthy.

It reminds me of Antiques Roadshow. Recently they came to Dallas, when we heard I got online and requested tickets, sadly we didn’t get them but we watched the show and it was great, as usual.

I enjoy hearing the experts discuss the history of things that they value, doesn’t really matter what the history is, it’s all interesting to me. What’s funny to me is that these are the shows that I watch intently like some women watch Sex and the City.

I love the History channel too. I watch that channel more than any other channel I think. I get bored with some things, like religious history…snooze.

A new show I’ve been enjoying lately is The Hotel Inspector on BBC. I think it would be fun to run a bed and breakfast on a beach. I can imagine no better utopia and watch this show pretty intently too.

I’m looking forward to the summer season to get out and enjoy the sun a little, maybe even get a little bit of a natural tan.

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