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I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about an app I found, it’s for Windows Mobile phones so if your phone doesn’t have Windows Mobile this won’t do you any good unfortunately.

The app and website are called Vtap and they’ve “organized the videos on the web to make it easy to watch on your mobile phone”.

One of the videos available:

You can go to the website on your phone and download the program after you register, or you can register online and then go to the url on your phone to download it on your cell phone afterward which might be faster.

I went through the whole process on my phone and it didn’t take that long. Most of the video searches I did provided video results that were good, and the sound quality is good. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with Windows Mobile on their phone.

This ads a little something to my phone, which I have had a hate/hate relationship with lately. One thing that makes this cooler is that I have a bluetooth device that I use with BT Audio, a program I downloaded to send all audio to my bluetooth device, you can find it here.

I know I’m a nerd, but I’m an entertained nerd, that’s for sure. Just wanted to show you guys the next cool thing for your cell phone. Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Actually, this app works for most devices that support mobile streaming. I have a non iPhone or Windows OS. It worked for my phone. Pretty cool, thanks.

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