Another Reason Republicans Are Full of (SH) It: Crunching the Numbers

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The only thing that the Republicans have been crying about lately that has made any sense to me is the idea of “out of control” government spending. I can see where that can make one uneasy. The math is easy, if you spend more than you are making, you end up with debt. And the debt has to be paid sometime, right?

Okay, makes sense.

So I said to myself, “Self, maybe they are right, maybe my way of thinking is incorrect. Maybe they are on to something. Maybe, just maybe, us “libtards” are spending too much money.”

Being that I’m a numbers nerd, I thought I’d do some crunching. I went to this website and pulled the latest numbers. It lists by state how much each state paid into Federal Tax dollars, and how much each state got back. Then I took the results of the last election, and divvied up the spending: Blue States vs. Red States. And here are the results:


Since the numbers above represents dollars in millions, this means the red states are spending about $ 154,913,000,000 too much. In shorthand, that is $154 BILLION. Pardon me, but I think you guys have some explaining to do.

I try very hard to see both sides of the argument, I really do. The problem is when I start to research; I find that the people making the most noise are the perpetrators of the offense. It’s sort of like the prick in high school that beat up all the guys he even thought were gay, only to find out at your 10 year reunion the prick has a boyfriend.

Methinks thou doth protest too much!


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  1. Wendy, since the time of Reagan the Republicans have always left office with our deficit higher than what they inherited from a Democrat administration. I don’t understand where they get they are the fiscal conservative party? During the Reagan years I lived in Abilene, Texas and one house on every street in that city went into forclosure and these homes weren’t new, expensive homes, it was every day people like you and me.

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