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I’ve been fairly quiet about this up until now but I’ve come full circle and I’m pissed off.

Just before my birthday I put notice in at my job because I thought I had a great new work at home gig. For three weeks I worked like crazy, through the weeks’ notice I gave I worked during my lunch hour and after work.

After that, the first full two weeks of working for this company I worked my butt off, constantly thinking of new things, twitting on twitter, making phone calls, doing everything I could to promote this business, to do my job.

Then I got my paycheck, nice and healthy, I was delighted, paid some bills with the hubby’s check and deposited mine.

Four days later the bank rejected it, instituted a $10 returned check fee and gave us overdraft fees for two things that had gone through our account. I called my “boss” and told him and he said he was going to call the bank and figure out what happened. When I didn’t hear back for a few hours, I called him back, knowing a phone call to check the status of a bank account doesn’t take very long.

Not good news. I’ve still not been paid to date for the work I did. Last week I took it all down.

I’m still without pay for an entire month. My bills are starting to come due and I’m beginning to freak out. But this asshole can sleep at night somehow.

I had an interview today, but if they offer me the job I’m gonna have to turn it down because my current wardrobe won’t be suitable for their office and the job is a $7 paycut from my last job so I certainly can’t afford to buy clothes to suit the job.

How can someone do that to another person? Knowing I have a family that relies on my income? I should get a get outta jail free card so I can drive to Kentucky and kick his ass.



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  1. If it weren’t for the mention of signing an employment contract, I would take it in a heartbeat. I honestly don’t think it’s fair to lock myself into a job that pays that little, when I’m sure that a job paying closer to what I need will come available soon. Not to be cocky, but I’m highly employable, a devoted employee and think I would only resent making a paycheck half of what I’m accustomed to, they’re incredibly nice people. So far I’ve picked up some side work and was a little smidgen ahead on bills so it’s just now starting to get urgent and hopefully unemployment will be approved and I’ll be saved, for the moment at least.

    I haven’t decided firmly if I’m going to turn it down. Just trying to explore all of my options.

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