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Hey everyone! Sorry for this, but I’m posting from my cell phone (thank goodness I can do that at least) because my modem has quit on me. There should be a replacement here tomorrow, but unfortunately my cell doesn’t make it all that easy to link to other sites, etc. Just not conducive for the kinds of posts I like to write.

But I did want to mention that Wendy has been sick and of course hasn’t been up for writing. I’m just hoping she takes it easy until she gets better. We’ll catch up with her next week.

Also, I’ve been playing Rhythm Heaven on the Nintendo DSi I bought myself for my birthday šŸ™‚

It’s an incredibly fun game but sadly I think I’m learning that despite my love of music, I am rhythmically challenged. It’s actually pretty unfortunate. I get to the next level more often because my cafe friend lets me bypass the ones I get stuck on than because I passed it.

I’ve gotten 30 mini-games into it andI think that leaves me about 20. It fills the time when I’m taking a break from the job search.

Talk to you all tomorrow, when I get my new modem in (I love warranties)!


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