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This post is more to convince myself than you, so just humor me ok?

My son has been consistently slacking off this year at school, making sure his grades are barely passing, if we’re lucky enough for that at all. Since March the boy has only been allowed outside sparingly on the rare instance that all his grades are passing or a milestone was accomplished. When we found out he passed the TAKS test was one such occasion.

However, despite the rule in our house being “Failing grades = no outside/freedom/tv/fun” this child is unfazed. I vowed to him over a week ago that if he didn’t pass all of his classes at the end of the year he would be grounded the entire summer and have to do manual labor around the house, such as scrubbing baseboards, cleaning cabinet doors, and other tasks I can think of that are completely unnecessary and totally obnoxious so maybe we won’t repeat this lazy attitude towards school next year. He’s on track to fail one class for the entire year I’m sure of, but Social Studies, Science and Language Arts are all failing grades for the final six weeks of this school year. But as the summer for him draws closer (next week) the more I feel bad about having to take away his summer in this way.

I always keep my promises though and that is something I’ve been very diligent about throughout my son’s life so the poor child is going to find out what life is like for those that don’t try hard enough to succeed. Manual labor, doing a job he does not like or want to do.

It’s so hard to be consistent when you really don’t want to exact the punishment you promised in anger.

Any suggestions?


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  1. With Nate we finally got to the point where after school on the days he gets in trouble, he has to read a chapter from a book that I choose, and then answer questions to prove he read it. Right now I’ve got him on Johnny Texas. Next I might try Eyes of the Dragon, though that might be a little old for him. He ends up realizing he really does like the book which I would never have gotten him to read on his own, and it’s not something I said in anger.
    If I were you, I’d compromise on it. Yes, give him a list of things to do every day and make him stay inside…HALF the day. Until say, 2pm, or something like that. Then you’re doing what you said you’d do, and being consistent, but also not taking his WHOLE summer away.

  2. I would tell him that you changed your mind and decided that the punishment must fit the crime..

    I would take him to the library and have him get a book, and do a report on it. One per week, or one every two weeks. He can’t leave the house until its done each week. This will help his language arts skills and such.

    Also, you need to take the power supply for the Wii or Xbox or whatever you have so he can’t play.

    I’m going to have to play tough mom this summer too..

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