Is It Worth It?

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That should be a question you ask yourself a lot. With regard to everything, and especially the small things. The reason I started asking myself this, and I don’t recall how long ago, but a long time ago, was because I found myself getting all twisted up over things I couldn’t change. I started joking that if it wasn’t gonna be worth a mention in my obituary, I probably shouldn’t get extremely upset about it.

I think that outlook has allowed me to stay relatively calm in very tense situations. Life can be so demanding at times and having a calm attitude can change the way you see things, so that it doesn’t seem so bad. I have met so many people in my life who have panic attacks, anxiety concerns and stress related medical conditions, while I don’t discount their validity, I feel that so much of this can be helped with mind over matter.

What do you think of that philosophy?


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