The Salary is WHAT??

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This is a random post in a forum, not mentioned here by someone frustrated….

Just have to vent about the current state of the economy. I have been unemployed since being laid off last year. I have applied to do everything, but it sickens me what people are paying us desperate people who have to put food on the table. It’s really sad that our time is worth so little !!!

I worked an hour at QT the other day and made $1.88 (I’m fast). I worked an hour at CC and made $1.92 transcribing. That means I would have to work about 315 hours just to make my rent payment. (while ignoring my kids, housework, and lets not forget my own life) That’s 78 hours per week and that’s only rent.

I am a certified teacher and applied to teach and received once response from a company paying the following:

$10.00 for BAs

$11.00 for MAs

$12 for PhDs

Did you ever imagine when you went to college that your would be happy to take such a wage? Imagine…. $12 per hour for a PdD !!!!! How sick is that ????

People are now working several of these ridiculous jobs just to eat. (and they are still eating rice and peanut butter). We have NO extras in our home, rent, power, and that’s it. The phone is out and the I’m using my neighbor’s Internet via wireless.

I am just shocked that things are so bad that people are scrambling for jobs that pay them so little. It’s amazing! I think it would be better for people to do nothing on welfare than stare at a computer screen for under $2.00 per hour. Even if it’s just extra money…isn’t a person’s time worth more than that ????

I think it’s very demeaning!


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  1. We need to take whatever job comes along. If Americans don’t work them then someone else will and then we will be bitching that ‘they’ took our jobs.

    If greed is keeping one from accepting a job below their previous salary then they deserve to starve in the street.

    Debo Hobos last blog post..Thursday Theme-Clock: Made In The USA

  2. Thankfully my DH makes more then $12 an hour 🙂 My friends who are SAHM can’t find part-time jobs because people who lost their full-time job are taking them. I think during these times people are just are happy to have a job- I know I am.

    Susans last blog post..Lap Top-Less

  3. Sounds greedy if you ask me… be happy you have a place to lay your head… and at least PB and rice… Be greatful your not homeless! 12$ an hour is more then MY DH makes so isn’t 11$…

    Greed is what got us all in this shity economy anyway because ppl wanted things they didn’t need and started living outside their means.

    Get in where you fit in, A PHD means nothing… getting a diploma from the school of Hard Knox is so much better… in more ways then one.

    • I can understand this and don’t agree that it makes someone greedy if they need to make a certain amount of money to support their lifestyle. The thing is that people don’t understand is that making no money isn’t going to help the situation. The way I came up was that if you were hungry, you’d do what you had to – as long as it isn’t criminal. If that means there are two jobs to be had, that’s just what it means. Life is hard sometimes, it teaches you to be harder. I do agree that the School of Hard Knox has lessons to teach, but I also think a college education teaches you valuable things you can’t learn outside of school.

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