Good Humor, Muffins and George Strait

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I’m in a much better mood today šŸ™‚

Don’t ask me why because I couldn’t tell you. I woke up on the right side this morning, made muffins, coffee and J’s lunch and saw him off to work then started getting ready myself. I’m saving some time today and not straightening my hair, so I’m kinda takin it easy this morning.

I guess the last 24 hours have been kind of easy peasy so that puts me in a much more pleasant state of mind. I logged onto Twitter this morning and my cousin in Kansas has posted some cute videos of her daughter on youtube, and my other cousin Wes made a cameo appearance and I can even hear my Aunt in the background. Great way to start my day.

Speaking of videos, I have a few to post from the concert on Saturday at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. The first video is of the stadium, before we got to our seats I thought I’d film a dead on view of the stage, not like you can see it from that far away…then there’s my sisters singing along to Check Yes or No by George Strait. The third is video of the ginormous screen that we could see better than the stage. I have more videos to upload and I’ll post them later. Enjoy the videos, laugh at my sisters (and me cuz you can hear me singing) and have a great Wednesday everyone!


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