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I’m 30 years old and I am out of shape. Tomorrow, I’ll be going to 24 hour fitness to join, regardless of my phobia’s I’ve got to get healthier. I don’t have any health problems now and I don’t want that to change. My father and mother both have health problems and they both are large people, I have no intention of becoming part of that population, dammit I’m too young.

I deserve the confidence that I have in myself, and I deserve to be confident when I walk around on this earth, so I’m not wasting any more time. I have always felt there is not enough time in the day, and at this point there still isn’t – but I can sleep when I’m dead.

Hubby’s been working out at work because his job provides a gym, he’s very lucky. Right now, I own a minimal amount of clothes because I don’t want to buy clothes in large quantities while I’m out of shape. So I have nothing but motivation, intention and desire. Let’s hope I can keep this going. šŸ™‚

Last night my sister asked if I wanted to go to the Incubus concert with her in August, and I said of course HELL YES!! I’ve NEVER been to a rock concert. Ever. I’m stoked, you have no idea.

So that gives me something to work towards, I won’t tell you how much weight I have to lose, but I can knock a significant dent in it by August 22nd. I’m going to have to get much more familiar with Incubus music than I am now.

I hope you all have a great Friday and tell me, what are you doing to stay, or get, healthy?


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