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In the news locally recently a baby girl went missing and a young mother cried out on the news for help in finding her baby. My heart went out to her as she cried that she needed her baby on the 8:00 news.

Then there was new information revealed and the father was arrested for interfering with an investigation. This morning yet more information is revealed and the mother has been arrested, apparently the baby has been killed.

To that poor 9 month old soul, I hope she rests in peace, this world hardly new her, but to the parents of that poor child who cried out to the media for help knowing that there was no help to be found for her deserve every punishment the law can throw at them.

In my opinion crimes against children are the most heinous. It takes an especially sick mind to make a child a victim, to look an innocent child in the face and still want to harm them. I mourn today for Daisja Weaver.

Now the whole story is out, that the mom feared for herself and her baby and didn’t know what to do. CALL THE COPS! In the news story she says when he picked her up from work, THE DAY AFTER THE DEED WAS DONE, she was forced to go to Lake Lewisville where Dad dumped the body.

I realize it’s hard to cast blame and shadow on those inside the situation, but how do you function in any fashion normally at work when your child has been murdered? How do you get in a vehicle with a person that has killed your child? How do you look at that person and not kill them yourself?

Poor baby Daisja, who will never have a life, deserves justice.


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