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Yesterday on Twitter I asked what people were thinking about…what’s on their minds. I didn’t get that much feedback, but from what little I did get I decided to pick a topic from my cousin, who is looking to lose some baby weight without crash dieting, starving herself or taking some crazy pill that she’ll find out could’ve killed her in five years.

I’ve watched workout videos through our Xbox on Netflix a couple times now and love the convenience but not everyone has an Xbox and a Netflix subscription. So I googled “exercise online” and found populated with tons upon tons of workout videos available for FREE online.

This is the solution for those of us that travel with our computers, those of us that have a computer but no gym membership and even those who are home bound due to injury, there are videos for you too. It’s like iTunes for workout videos.

If you can read this, you have access to workout videos online for free. Take advantage!


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