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I enjoy writing every day, I get in a zone and focus once I decide what I’m writing about and enjoy that process of deciding what I’ll talk about today. What’s been the most trying thing to do in my opinion is to be careful not to step on toes. There are people in my real life that read MouthyGirl from time to time, some even daily. I relish having daily readers who also know me.

BUT….it’s a little irritating when my husband comes home and tells me the people he works with are giving him a hard time about something I have written. You see, hubby doesn’t read MouthyGirl, and that’s fine with me. I’ve always seen it as the place I can express myself. After this recent catastrophe, I considered not writing anymore, and this isn’t the first time. It pissed me off so much to be quoted out of context that I considered just quitting this time.

To those guys, and you know who you are, you nearly ended MouthyGirl for taking something I wrote and twisting it to something it wasn’t. Fortunately for the other readers of MouthyGirl I wasn’t going to let your misconception and lack of understanding of my voice stop me. I do want you to know that if you’re reading to hear about our personal lives, you might as well stop now since I can’t trust it not to be misconstrued, turned into an accusation and regurgitated to my husband, I’ll be leaving us out of it. If you like how I write and you’re genuinely interested in MouthyGirl however, great – you won’t miss it.

I did consider starting over and not telling people in my real life about a new blog, just letting it do what it’ll do on the web, but I’ve worked too hard on MouthyGirl to quit her now.

If you write a blog, have you ever had problems in real life because of something you’ve written being misunderstood?


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  1. Alphanista……whoever you are.You should stop reading this site,you obviously don’t understand what she was talking about.If you’re an intersted reader then good for you.BUT you have no reason to say anything on this subject!

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