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“Old habits are hard to break.” Truer words were never spoken. I’ve quit a lot of things in my life and some of them were harder than others, some I ran to quit as fast as I could, barely noticing their absence.

If any of you, like me, have ever tried to quit smoking, you know – it’s a lot harder than saying you’re going to do it. So if you didn’t pick up on it yet, I have a few habits to break and even a few things to make into habits. Breaking and making habits is a good thing, it indicates evolution in life, that things are changing and you are embracing them. Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but frankly it was kind of easy for me. I started hating myself and the way that I smelled several months before I actually quit. I had gotten a good whiff of myself on the elevator on my way into work one day and was thoroughly disgusted. Thoroughly. But I kept on smoking for a few more months and finally quit after Christmas that year. I had to get through the holiday crap. You know how that is.

However, once all that was over, my resolution for the new year was to quit, and quit I did. So now I have to face that I need to change more about me, I’ve got some Me Tweaking to do and I need your help. It’s been 7 years since I quit smoking, and I may have forgotten how hard it is to quit things and start new things. I am going to buy a membership to a gym tomorrow or Saturday, I unfortunately had to put it off for two weeks from the last time I talked about it. Two weeks ago I was very excited and I still am, but I could use your support and suggestions on getting through the first two weeks that it’ll take me to make a new habit of this workout routine. The other habit I’m trying to take up is eating better. I’ve sort of started but I can’t say that I’m totally committed. Yet.

Now for the habits I need to break. This is hard to admit, but I bet it won’t surprise you. I talk before thinking. A LOT. So much so that it’s beginning to cause problems in my life and I am not about to let that happen, I don’t like to be the problem maker, I like to be the problem solver. You knew that right?

So I need your gracious tips, tricks and advice on this new journey of self evolution. If you notice me falling off the wagon…will you encourage me? Tell me to get off my ass and get to it? I wanna live forever and eating better and working out will help that. I also need to shut my mouth a lot more. This I think will be the hardest task because I’ve been doing this most of my life.

You’ll help me won’t you?


3 thoughts on “Help Me Retrain My Brain

  1. LOL I wish you woulda’ told me I would have got a membership with you sis!I’ll help you put and you know I’ll always be here to encourage you! 😉

  2. Wish we lived closer, cousin. Then we could encourage each other, and tell each other to get off our asses and do it! LOL 😉

  3. woot woot MG happy for you making changes!
    I recently made some changes and started working out and eating better:) YAy me! one week in and I can fit old jeans better:) that is enough encourgment for me! It feels good to know I’m trying

    And of course I will be here when you need some help or a kick in the ass to get back on track as I woul dexpect the same from you.

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