What the Hell is Going On?

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I was going to write about dream analysis here for you today but I’m not quite ready to write a full post on it yet, still got some digging/research to do.

I have been dreaming about death a lot lately and I don’t know if it’s got anything to do with what’s happening on the news or not but last week I actually dreamed about monsters for the first time I can remember in my entire life. I’ve had scary dreams but I don’t recall ever dreaming about monsters like that before, it was spooky I remember it still.

Then last week another time I dreamed about death though I don’t recall the details. And last night was a doozy.

I was on a subway so I’m going to assume I was in New York for some reason and there was a guy running around with a gun shooting at people. Maybe that’s normal there or something and I was channeling a native New Yorkers dreams or something but it spooked me.

What the hell is going on?


One thought on “What the Hell is Going On?

  1. When you dream of death usually someone close to you will be getting preggers and vice versa…you dream of birth and someone near to you will pass… thats my thought and superstition:)

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