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On Friday, when everyone else was getting ready for the 4th of July festivities, Sarah held a press conference. Everyone anticipated that she would announce that she was not seeking a 2nd term to get ready for her run in the 2012 election. Instead, she resigned. Her last day in office will be July 26th. I listened to her press announcement, and I was stunned. I was stunned because it was so incoherent. She babbled about handing the ball off, the meanies in the media, her family, and of course she couldn’t leave out the troops. I guess what it all boiled down to is her belief that lame duck politicians don’t do jack anyway, and if she wasn’t going to seek another term she’d be a lame duck who wouldn’t do jack either. It would be best for Alaska if someone took over who would actually do something. And wasn’t she great that she thought of Alaska first?

That was what I could make out of that drivel, anyway.

On Sunday, I listened to the political pundits. Some people think that this may turn out to a “brilliant” political move, but none could say how this was brilliance. Others said that this showed that she couldn’t handle the pressure of the media constantly “beating” down on her, and the pressures of balancing family and a political career. Some say her career is over, others are saying don’t count her out yet. I couldn’t help but feel there was something really bad about to come out about her. So I started reading a favorite Alaska blog.

Come to find out, that Sarah Palin is now after threatening legal action against her—the blogger and anyone else who gives her airtime, specifically MSNBC, the Huffington Post, the New York Times and The Washington Post. Here is the legal threat Sarah Palin put out on her twitter site. Why? Because the blogger put on her blog that there is an IRS/embezzlement scandal being looked at by the feds.

This was the same blogger that photoshopped a photo of Palin holding Trig. She replaced the picture of Trig with some Right-Wing radio talk show host. Sarah made a big friggin deal about that, too.

I don’t know what she is up to, but I think maybe should grow up a bit if she’s planning to run for higher office. Seriously, Sarah, first you get in a tizzy over what a comedian says; now you’re after the bloggers. Grow up, already! Or at least grow thicker skin.


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