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When I meet new people I’m always more of an observer until I’m comfortable around them. I don’t think I judge people right off, but I do make a quick assessment of how much I’ll trust them, what kind of conversations I’ll limit us to, etc. I try to figure out where my guard should be and place it. We all hit our comfort zones too, where we’re content within our own little circle and types of people and that’s who we associate with, the people we’re used to.

I recently got a new job, and I’ve been there now for a while, and it’s definitely interesting. I’m working with completely different types of people than I’ve ever been around before. That was true of my last job as well but in my last job all the people I began to work with there sent off vibes of negativity and depression and I immediately placed my guard very high and became paranoid. You get used to a job and a place and you forget the affect it has on you after a while I guess.

Anyways, back to these new people I’m working with, they’re all a relatively quiet bunch sort of like me to a certain extent. They’ve all been working together now for about two or more years and are used to each other and I’m the outsider, not a big deal though, new is a role I know fairly well.

I like my job a lot, I like the people a lot more. My boss is incredibly positive which is the best kind of personality for me to be around, it has a profound affect on me to have positive people around me. The other girl that I work with is hilarious. At first I had a little issue with some of the music she plays, but that’s just stuff you get past when you go to work somewhere new, and honestly some of it I’ve grown to like and some just tolerate but overall, not that big a deal.

I’ve never met a person willing to just stand up and sing and dance literally at the drop of a hat, and it’s hilarious. I spend a lot of the day laughing at her while we’re working, little comments she makes here and there and when she’s telling me about something, she’s funny and quite sarcastic which you know I appreciate.

I miss the girls I used to work with, make no mistake and I’m trying to decide if I want to go see Harry Potter with them tonight, I’d hate to see it and not enjoy it because I don’t know the back story. I do miss them though so I’ll probably go more for the company than anything else. One of the other girls I worked with is in Hawaii the wench and when she gets back we’ll have to hook up and hang out for a while too.

It’s crazy to me sometimes how quickly we become assimilated into our work environments and don’t appreciate the people around us, their individuality, intellect and what they bring to the table in a professional sense as well as socially.

What do you think about your work environment?


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