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I don’t know why this guy emailed me instead of commenting on the post, but since commenting on the post was his intention I thought I’d take him out of hiding. His name is Dave and he went searching for Tammy Dombeck on Facebook and found MouthyGirl 😉 and my post Weather Girl vs. Traffic Girl Fun on the News.

So rather than comment on the post here is what he emailed me:

Mouthy Girl
Do you even know what you are talking about when it comes to local tv personalities? I think not… your love fest with the anorexic and completely annoying Samantha Davies is sad. You obviously haven’t watched enough to know that she can’t get through a weather cast without taking a huge gulp or a breath, she is the joke of our office. Met her one night in Dallas and she was the biggest snob. Bring back Rebecca Miller and lose the skeletal-no personality Samantha, get a clue.

WTF??! I laughed aloud when I read the email the first time. Then I read it again and it got funnier. He is clearly commenting about the post. I treat email as a personal thing because it’s a means of contact and to me, it’s personal. So for him to have emailed me a comment kind of seemed like a personal affront to me and slightly stupid. Like he was calling me to the carpet…I thought, “Who the hell is this guy? Fruit loop.”

So here is what I wrote back:


I would hardly call one post about her being sassy a love fest. I respect your opinions, I prefer rebecca over jennifer lopez any day but your personal email to me about it is what I think is sad. I am free to write about whatever I choose and you are free to comment on it, but to email me personally over a post written lightheartedly is a tad over the top.

I hope you are a reader who visits regularly, but the tone of this email leads me to believe you just happened by and in that case, you should stick around, I think you might find we agree on a lot of things.

To you I say good day.

I didn’t say much because I responded by email while I was at work, eating lunch. The funny thing is that Samantha Davies has only filled in maybe three times on the local news and I know this because I watch everyday. I’m not focusing on how much she has to swallow or take a breath because it seems natural to me that she would have the need to breathe. I’m not watching the news to watch her, I’m watching to get the news. Aren’t we all or am I missing something?

It’s clear Dave is a fan of Tammy Dombecks’ so he definitely didn’t appreciate my comments about her. Ultimately it’s a matter of preference, I didn’t appreciate the tone in his email to me, I felt like I was being scolded and to end it with Get a clue? Was he serious?

I’m gonna venture a guess that Dave here met Samantha Davies at that club in Dallas and hit on her. Maybe she has a boyfriend, a husband, a girlfriend, I don’t know, but she turned our poor Dave down and he didn’t appreciate that for one minute! So he develops these strong negative feelings about her, starts one day believing she’s anorexic, studies her when she’s on the news for any mistake, any flaw. Creepy much?

How about this Dave, you get a clue. When a girl doesn’t like you, she just doesn’t like you, get over it and move on to the next girl. Go back to your searches for Tammy Dombeck, if you get lonely call Texas Instruments, I hear it’s her voice on the phone system, you could be mesmerized for hours. Come by and read D, comment even, I welcome that but don’t be a creep and email me your comments, we’re not going to have some email fight, I’m a grown up.


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  6. Oh yeah….as soon as Dave said he met Samantha at a club and she was a snob, my first thought was that she had turned down an advance by him. No wonder he emailed you and didn’t leave a proper comment! He is at least smart enough to know that he would have been called out for that…but not smart enough to remember that you write a blog and his email is perfect content! LOL

    Hilarious. I suspect this isn’t the last you will hear from Dave.

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