Get Lost in the Pages

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When I was a teenager my mother and I shared a passion for reading and would go to a local bookstore called Bill’s Books and trade the paperbacks we had for the ones we hadn’t read on his shelves.

The way that it worked was he would give a store credit for 1/4th of the value of the book that was on the spine. Because we read so much and he had such a selection of books, used and new, we had endless reading material. My vocabulary grew exponentially during those few years.

Paperback swap reminds me of that bookstore, my Mom emailed me this link. She mentioned the “book raids” and I guess you could call them that because we always left with several books apiece.

Bill was a quiet guy with a mustache that reminded me of a train conductor, I imagined him smoking a pipe easily. The kind of guy you would expect i suppose, to run a bookstore. He had a section for Comics though that I’m sure did not go unnoticed with people interested in them, it looked extensive.

I really am not sure if that bookstore is still open, I haven’t been back to that side of town in ages. If you love reading and find yourself with the time and desire to become part of this, you should join the paperback swap. I wonder if there’s something like this for books on cd?


Top Nine Most Popular

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I thought I’d take a little time to show you the posts that have gotten the most hits lately on MouthyGirl so that you can reread them or comment on them.

I’m in a period of transition with our lovely little site here. I think things have grown a little stagnant and maybe it’s me, maybe it’s not – whatever it is, it’s constantly nagging at me – something is going to change here. You’ll be the first to know though 😉

watch for it!

Here are the top nine links getting a lot of hits lately:

1. The Church of Google Wendy takes a hilarious break from the fray of politics.
2. Getting it Off My Chest Wendy had to speak her mind..of course it is Wendy’s Weekly Take 😉
3. 34 G1 Wallpapers Of course popular with my fellow G1 users.
4. Twitter Banned Ha!
5. Get a Clue that was a fun post!
6. Being a Logic Driven Parent Really thought there would be some great comments on that post!
7. My Eyes Fail Me ever see that show I Want That! Yeah I do.
8. Enjoy Life at a Lower price a lot of DFW natives are checking this one out for deals, smart people!
9. Weather Girl vs. Traffic Girl: Fun on the News everybody loves Tammy Dombeck apparently. 😉

Those are the top nine posts getting the most hits on MouthyGirl this week. Enjoy, comment, share – whatever.

Everyone have a great Thursday, next week a new series starts!


My Eyes Fail Me

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Okay I know pinkeye is gross and I know why people get it usually, but I unfortunately got it from someone back in February. Aside from being practically blind I’ve really never had problems with infections or anything besides allergies, until now.

Since my bout with pinkeye my eyes have been SUPER sensitive. You never realise how much you take something for granted until there are problems, my eyes get all red when I wear my contacts now and of course thats what I’d rather wear than glasses.

So because I have problems all the time now, I’m on a mission to save money to get Lasik surgery, I’m to that point where I’m willing to even finance it.

@RubyO has had lasik, a friend of mine from high school and has nothing but good things to say about it.

Think its to much to ask for for Christmas? 😉


Getting it Off My Chest

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I’m sure that everyone has experienced a week where everything seemed to go in every other direction than the way you planned. If you are anything like me, you get really mad when things go wrong that are totally out of your control. A couple of things went wrong for me in the past week. I will not bore you with the details. But I will tell you this: when something in my personal and professional life pisses me off, the rest of the world better be on its best behavior or they are going to hear about it. Apparently the rest of the world didn’t get the memo. World, get ready ‘cause here it comes.

To Democrats: Get your crap together. I swear you are all over the place. Can you guys and gals please start singing from the same hymn book? You guys are looking at the polls and you think people aren’t approving of what you are doing because they don’t want health care reform. They aren’t approving because you are being spineless wimps or are confusing the hell out of folks. Man up, and do this damn thing.

To Right-wing radio/TV/blogs: The president of the United States is entitled to a week off without your bitchin’ and moaning that he needs to be around to run the country. You guys constantly say that liberals look at him as the Messiah, but it is you who thinks the guy shouldn’t eat, sleep, or shit for the next 4 years. You know, I may have my biblical history wrong, but I think even Jesus ate and slept. You also think that he should just be able to snap his fingers and everything that is broken will be made whole. Really, let’s face the truth here. You just want to wear him down. Screw you. If your president could spend half his time playing cowboy in Crawford, my president can take a week off at the beach. And yes, I’ve heard you say it: he’s not YOUR president. Screw you. Again.

To Wal-mart: I noticed you changed the packaging on your Great Value brand, but that doesn’t give you the right to hike your prices. First of all, the packaging doesn’t bring any added value. In fact, it is less attractive and more generic than your old packaging. What is inside the packaging even seems to taste worse. I know that it is psychological, and I will overcome, because I know the reason you are doing it is to force me to spend more money on the higher priced name brand items. Ever since Sam Walton died, I’ve thought the company was taken over by soulless vampires. This confirms it.

To Corporations: I see that you are starting to report profits. Good for you. But I know it’s not because consumers are happily spending money in your establishments. It’s because you have cut your employees wages and benefits. Your workers are 20% more productive, but yet their personal incomes are falling. You get away with it because other people are losing their jobs, and people are content with just having a job. Meanwhile, your CEOs are still getting fat bonus checks and salaries. This will backfire, though. Sooner or later the economy will turn around, and the ones that toiled for you thanklessly will become the new employee for your competitor. So bask in your glory that you managed to turn a profit in a down economy, but know that your employees will remember when the getting is good. And as they walk out your door, they’ll just smile and say, “hey, it’s nothing personal, it’s the economy!”

Wow, I feel better now! Now what would you like to get off your chest?