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I thought I’d throw together a list of the things I’ve been reading and watching lately for you. I do a lot more reading than writing it seems and a lot of it is just for fun and others…well for fun. If I’m online doing anything serious I promise it’s not for long.

Life is serious enough, I get online to goof off and unwind, so here’s a list of 18 things I compiled for you to click and read or click and play, whatever your pleasure. 😉

Click them all I tell you! Trust me, they’re all worth it.

1. This post is impressive, you’ll like it 40 Creative Business Cards. A lot of these cards made me want to call their creators and have one done for MouthyGirl..I can only imagine what it would look like.

2. This is a Ghetto Love by Spinnerette. I like it, not for everyone but definitely an awesome beat and a cool video. 😈

3. If you’re a fan of comedy, you definitely wanna check this out.

4. A fun and true post by the Undomestic Diva. She’s a new discovery but hilarity ensued the instant I started reading, you’ll like her too.

5. One of my favorite remakes of all time, it helps it’s by one of my most favoritest bands ever. 😉 Careless Whisper by Seether.

6. Sugarwilla is one of my newest friends on Twitter, and incredibly inspiring as well as sassy, a great combination in my opinion. Here’s a recent post, Shiny Pennies that I think you’ll like too.

7. Problogger is one of my favorite and most read blogs because of the way that he writes, it’s totally informative and not at all cocky and in your face, more like a teacher. I’m pretty receptive to that.

8. Shoemoney is another of my favorite bloggers and this post is no exception to why I like his down to earth, matter of fact realism, No You Are Not Qualified to Speak at Conferences, you’ll see why I read.

9. Owning Your Body just a tip, this is more for women. Good stuff.

10. This is proof that sometimes people are seriously addicted and need help.

11. I think I was the last person to see this video and if not, then maybe it’s you. LOL The first girl that looks like she has no clue how to dance…that would be me..er the way I would look trying to dance I mean..that’s not actually me.

12. LOL

13. This post by JD reminded me of my coworker who was talking about this very thing a few days ago, They Call Me Julia.

14. I always look at InterfaceLIFT for wallpapers like this one. Thought I’d share my source with you, cuz I like ya. Yep, I do.

15. This is a post by a local Dallas gal, Debo Hobo, who I have been reading for at least two years now I think… how time flies…anyway, enjoy this post about Men Going to Spas. Hee Hee! Gotta say, picturing my boys in a spa makes me laugh.

16. Susan blogs at Lil Mom that Could and I’ve been reading now for a long time it seems like, though I don’t get over there as often as I’d like. She recently has begun a new project over at Sex and the Mom which you’ll just have to check out. Ha, two links for the price of one. 😉

17. This is the last of the links people…I got shit to do. It’s hilarious though.. 15 Creepy Vintage Ads. LMAO!

18. One more..I just caught this one before it was publish time and had to include it, Divorce, trust me you’ll LYAO. (Laugh Your Ass Off)

Did you look at them all? Get back in there and do it then! You’ve got nothing else to do, it’s Sunday man! Enjoy, I actually do have things to do and people to see.. Later!


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  1. Can I tell you that I love you? And the main reason being that sexy hunka stuff in the music video at the end of your blog. Mmmm. 😛

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