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It takes a lot to get me to be impressed with a website these days, but there are a few that I’ve been impressed with that I felt I should share. I know I typically share blog url’s with you, these are not going to be blogs….surprise!

Trust me, you’ll be impressed as well. First up.. D4D Technologies not only is the website really cool, did you see what they’re making? Awesome.

Then you definitely wanna check out Grooveshark I’ve been using it instead of Pandora lately and have to admit I’m impressed, the main added feature that I love is that I can upload my own music. BONUS! I have an assload of music that I already love and I get to mix it with new music. What’s better than that? Exactly.

At you can design all kinds of awesome products, click on one of those pictures and play in that designer…um awesome!

Some of these sites I discovered on Twitter, some of them are local people that I thought you should check out, like this one Wow I am constantly impressed with what people are able to do…and reminded of what I can’t…yet šŸ˜‰

I get great wallpapers for my G1 here there are girlie (not nude) pics on every page so if you’re offended by that…don’t go. I have a hard time believing that many of you will have a problem with that considering how some of you found me.. šŸ˜‰

Okay, this is a blog but I refer to it when I have issues with my computer that I can’t figure out, they’re very helpful and the site is nicely laid out.

So spend some time on those sites and come back and tell me if you were equally impressed. Have a great Friday everyone!


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