I Don’t Check Myself Out At the Store to Save Jobs

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I went to the grocery store today to pick up about 4 or 5 things. After selecting my items, I took them to the front to check out. As a personal rule I won’t go thru the fast check yourself out lanes because for one thing I don’t get a discount for doing the checkers job and for another I don’t want her or him to lose their job.

The more of us that opt to check ourselves out, the less checkers there will be available for those of us that don’t. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Today I am waiting in line, for a few minutes, when a one armed bagger walks up, looking very annoyed and says I can do this very quickly (as if me waiting was a pain in her ass) and carries my basket off to the self checkout. Thanks but I am content to wait but hey, this is cool too, I just don’t want to do that job. I have a job and it’s not there.

So she’s checking my few items and then, as condescendingly as she could still bearing a smile, attempts to walk me through paying like I’m some dumbass that can’t pay for my things, obviously thinking I’m mentally deficient because I’m trying to keep high school kids in a job.

I then tell her thanks I can manage from here. I wanted to say, “Don’t talk down to me bitch I’m just helping you keep your job” but I’m nice so I just smile and in my best “at least I don’t work here” voice say Thank you as I walk out.

She looked very puzzled as I walked away like she couldn’t quite figure out why I was being smug instead of feeling like she thought I should have.

If you work where there is a self checkout, don’t be mad if you have a line and the self checkout doesn’t..just be glad those people in your line would rather you get paid than save ten to fifteen minutes.


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