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I am sick and tired of the crazy idiots in this country trying to screw things up for the rest of us. I am really mad at the direction the town hall meetings on Health Care are going. There is no debate, it’s just yelling and screaming. In the end, level-headed citizens get none of their questions answered, and nothing gets accomplished. Honestly, it would be more productive if the members of Congress just post a list of “frequently asked questions.” Hey Congress, here is my suggested list, because I have yet to hear a question that falls out of these areas:

1) Is this bill going to make me kill my Grandma? A: Only if she is a wingnut republican. Democrats get to live forever and ever. We’ve rewritten the laws of nature and man just for the Democrats.

2) I don’t want the Government in my healthcare, but don’t take away my Medicare! A: Umm, okay.

3) Did you read the bill? A: Did you?

4) Are you going to kill Trig? A: No, but at age 65 his mother is going to be put down. See answer #1.

Okay, I know that was mean and it really was just tongue in cheek. But people, this happened in 1994. We got no healthcare reform, and the insurance companies are up to the same shenanigans. I have health coverage. It won’t make a difference to me, except I will have to pay higher and higher premiums each year. My employer will pay higher and higher premiums. But there are millions of Americans who don’t have insurance. Every time they visit an ER to get care, we all pay for it in our premiums.

Now I won’t say that I agree with every aspect of the bill, I don’t. But there has to be give and take here. The public option is there to keep the insurance companies honest. Besides, the way the law is written; all employers will be required to give health insurance to their employees through a private company. The public option is for those who can’t afford the private insurance. I know plenty of people who work for companies who are not covered under a health care plan. I know plenty of people who elect not to get coverage because they can’t afford a $700-800 a month premium.

Even though my company provides good insurance, I have also heard stories of people who came down with major illnesses getting procedures and drugs denied because it wasn’t in the plan. They not only have to battle cancer, they have to battle the insurance company too.

But really, screaming at the top of your lungs in a town hall meeting gets nothing done. It just makes you look like a crazy nutjob. If you oppose the bill, fine, oppose it. You can even express why you oppose it to your Congress person. But the healthcare insurance system now is a mess, and it needs reform. We can all agree on that.


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  1. This debate is becoming increasingly frustrating for me to watch.

    I live in Canada, and our system is constantly “thrown under the bus” when it is compared to the U.S system.

    Our “socialist” healthcare system in Canada is FAR from perfect, but no one is denied service, only delayed.

    I don’t know anyone who has lost their home because they had a hospital visit they couldn’t pay for or a terminal illness that they needed to pay for.

    I think it is important for the U.S. to recognize that all human life is worthy of good health care, regardless of economic stature, race, or creed.
    How they achieve that is yet to be seen.

    My best guess is that people fight change when they don’t know what it will look like.
    The government needs to do a better job on educating it’s constituents.

    • Fear is sadly the driving force behind most anything that does or does not get passed in this country. It’s been a long time since Washington stopped listening to the voters, and even when they do the people with the money are most able to represent their wants and needs to the government therby being heard first and loudest… its all fucked up in my opinion.

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