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I enjoy earning money on the side, no matter how much it is, it makes me feel good to know that I can earn a little here and there, and if I utilize all the avenues I know of to earn extra money, I’d really be making a good sum of money.

Today I logged onto Survey Savvy to check and see if I had any surveys to do, or to update my member portrait if there weren’t any surveys for me to take.

I like Survey Savvy because it’s effortless to take the surveys. They email you when you have one available with a link inside the email that takes you right to the survey, no checking a website everyday waiting, it’s effortless and the less I have to remember the better. I receive emails on my G1 so I always know when I get a new survey and I could take them on my phone but I find it’s easier to do if I’m at home on the laptop.

I don’t recall if I’ve written about this company before or not, but here it is if I have or haven’t, a little reminder doesn’t hurt. In this economy, even $30 extra bucks a month is something to smile about, for a lot of us that’s a whole tank of gas. A nice lunch and a movie even, or a date for all you single folks out there.

Keep in mind anytime you’re looking at offers online that if it looks to good to be true, it probably is. None of those get rich quick schemes are really going to get you rich.


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