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Some families share recipes that are secret to that family, some families share traditions…we (on my Dad’s side) don’t share any secrets in my family, we don’t even share our history.

Some of you know my Grandmother passed away Saturday, there’s a ton of secrecy surrounding her and our family history. Out of respect for my Dad, I don’t ask about the Grandfather that I found out recently passed away, mainly because the one thing I do know is that he beat my Dad. I don’t know anything beyond that.

I also have an aunt that I called and informed of my Grandmother (her mother) passing, having never met her. What I know about her is that she was apparently such Hell on wheels that she was disowned and no one interacts with her. That was an awkward conversation and very sad because I had no idea who she was and hated delivering this news that way.

She called me back today, she’s homebound and can’t really go anywhere and while I wish I could’ve talked longer, I was at work.

What I want to know is why not tell me and my sister about whatever went down, it couldn’t be worse than what we’ve heard other people have seen in their families.

My father is a proud man and has early onset Alzheimers, I will probably never ask and insult him in these tender times, it would be cruel but that doesn’t quiet my curiosity one bit.

What do you think about secrets? Seems stupid to me.


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