It’s Not Enough

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Materialism. I admit I am guilty of it, I want what other people have just as much as the next person, but I also have a habit of convincing myself why I shouldn’t buy something, needed or not. Most of the time, the miser in me wins.

What really helps is that I despise shopping and turning my money loose. I find however that I have an urge to travel more and more, I want to explore the country and find favorite places to visit.

I want to fill photo albums with memories. I want to tell my Grandchildren about adventures I had and places I saw, people we met. I’ve spent a lot of my life already looking at walls and waiting for paychecks, waiting for this and waiting for that. I’m ready to start doing and going, being and living.

I announced to the hubs that I would like for us to begin to position ourselves, financially, in such a way that we can live off of one income and save the other. It was met with surprise, then disbelief and finally resignation as it was realised that I am very serious.

I do not want to spend my entire life working. Due to this I’ll be spending a little time soul searching and exploring my ideals for this website. I have dreams that I have been subconsciously subduing and it’s high time I start taking the steps to realise them.

This is gonna be a ride, and after all that’s what life is designed to be right? A journey through – exploring what there is to explore and creating memories worth keeping. I’ve been existing, and that is simply not gonna be enough anymore.


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