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Do you use Twitter at work? Facebook? MySpace? On company time and on the company paid internet access? You’re a bright one aren’t ya? You’re being watched you know… it’s not a myth.

On the news this morning it was said that companies and organizations are banning Twitter because of employee use.

When are people going to grow up? If you’re at work tweeting so much the company has to ban the site, you deserve to be blocked from it, just like MySpace and Facebook being banned due to employee overuse, don’t be a dumbass!

The bottom line is this Captain Clueless, you’re at work to make your company money, do you think that you can’t be replaced?

Don’t risk your job to be snarky on Twitter. Do you have any idea how many people are jobless? That could be you big mouth. You are replaceable, and easily.

If your company bans Twitter, thank the dumbass closest to you and start using your phone, but don’t tell the idiot or idiots or they’ll start taking up phones like they do in grade school.

Maintain those priorities people! What do you think?


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