My Eyes Fail Me

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Okay I know pinkeye is gross and I know why people get it usually, but I unfortunately got it from someone back in February. Aside from being practically blind I’ve really never had problems with infections or anything besides allergies, until now.

Since my bout with pinkeye my eyes have been SUPER sensitive. You never realise how much you take something for granted until there are problems, my eyes get all red when I wear my contacts now and of course thats what I’d rather wear than glasses.

So because I have problems all the time now, I’m on a mission to save money to get Lasik surgery, I’m to that point where I’m willing to even finance it.

@RubyO has had lasik, a friend of mine from high school and has nothing but good things to say about it.

Think its to much to ask for for Christmas? 😉


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