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I thought I’d take a little time to show you the posts that have gotten the most hits lately on MouthyGirl so that you can reread them or comment on them.

I’m in a period of transition with our lovely little site here. I think things have grown a little stagnant and maybe it’s me, maybe it’s not – whatever it is, it’s constantly nagging at me – something is going to change here. You’ll be the first to know though šŸ˜‰

watch for it!

Here are the top nine links getting a lot of hits lately:

1. The Church of Google Wendy takes a hilarious break from the fray of politics.
2. Getting it Off My Chest Wendy had to speak her mind..of course it is Wendy’s Weekly Take šŸ˜‰
3. 34 G1 Wallpapers Of course popular with my fellow G1 users.
4. Twitter Banned Ha!
5. Get a Clue that was a fun post!
6. Being a Logic Driven Parent Really thought there would be some great comments on that post!
7. My Eyes Fail Me ever see that show I Want That! Yeah I do.
8. Enjoy Life at a Lower price a lot of DFW natives are checking this one out for deals, smart people!
9. Weather Girl vs. Traffic Girl: Fun on the News everybody loves Tammy Dombeck apparently. šŸ˜‰

Those are the top nine posts getting the most hits on MouthyGirl this week. Enjoy, comment, share – whatever.

Everyone have a great Thursday, next week a new series starts!


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