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When I was a teenager my mother and I shared a passion for reading and would go to a local bookstore called Bill’s Books and trade the paperbacks we had for the ones we hadn’t read on his shelves.

The way that it worked was he would give a store credit for 1/4th of the value of the book that was on the spine. Because we read so much and he had such a selection of books, used and new, we had endless reading material. My vocabulary grew exponentially during those few years.

Paperback swap reminds me of that bookstore, my Mom emailed me this link. She mentioned the “book raids” and I guess you could call them that because we always left with several books apiece.

Bill was a quiet guy with a mustache that reminded me of a train conductor, I imagined him smoking a pipe easily. The kind of guy you would expect i suppose, to run a bookstore. He had a section for Comics though that I’m sure did not go unnoticed with people interested in them, it looked extensive.

I really am not sure if that bookstore is still open, I haven’t been back to that side of town in ages. If you love reading and find yourself with the time and desire to become part of this, you should join the paperback swap. I wonder if there’s something like this for books on cd?


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