Fatties and Famous People – What Happened to Hollywood?

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I was on NBCDFW.com yesterday reading about politics, weather and other assorted bits of news, or shall I say sordid bits of news, same difference.

There was a link to a slideshow of actors and actresses, singers, etc. – various “famous” people who have struggled with weight and first I’d like to say whoever wrote that commentary must be a real douchebag.

The stars that have been given grief about weight should be proud of themselves for not conforming to the standard anorexic look that Hollywood seems to prefer, which is disgusting. Normal people who live real lives and work for a real living don’t look like that.

Not to mention some of us don’t have three hours to devote to working out everyday, thank you very much @KirstieAllie “If I can do it you can do it” – give me the freedom of your schedule and money honey and I can do it too, I know it.

I am not the first to let this myth of beauty irritate me, it kind of annoys me that casting directors cast the same people over and over in movies, perpetuating this bullshit, we don’t see movies for the story anymore, we go see our favorite actors…see where this is going wrong yet?

Has entertainment turned into this disgusting running commentary about famous people and what they’re up to or down to or who they’re fucking?

I DON’T CARE! Start casting unknowns and make a movie I haven’t seen before, stop toiling over Kim Khadashians weight and write a screenplay with a half ass decent plot.

I don’t care if Phillip Seymour Hoffman has a spare tire any more than I care about Mary Kate and Ashleys shoulder bones showing, those people don’t pay my bills!

Why does the news think we care? Do you care about the Olsen twins weight? How much Kevin Federline has gained? Kelly Clarksons “chub” anyone?

Yeah, me either.


Terrorist Plotting in Dallas

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I was watching the news this morning, as I do everyday and learned that a guy named Hosamn Smadi who was only 19 from Jordan who tried to blow up a building in Downtown Dallas and was caught by the FBI.

The son of a bitch had wanted to place a bomb at DFW airport but decided it was too risky. He’s a “soldier” for Osama Bin Laden who was managing a Sonic in Italy, TX, a small suburb.

Personally, hearing this reminds me of 911, my first thoughts when that happened was to go pick up my son from preschool and get far away from the city.

I talked to my Grandmother that day and she told me we would be fine, and of course that calmed me and before we knew it that awful day was over and nothing else happened.

It’s incredibly scary to think about something like that happening here. I live quite literally next door to one of the biggest airports in the world, in possibly the most hated city now that the Bushes have settled here.

Maybe we should consider a move….


Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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I’ve always had an interest in the supernatural, and I believe to this day I saw a ghost when I was 14.

My mother married a guy in January of 1994 who I liked a lot. He had been a career marine, been all over the world and enjoyed talking about his travels, he treated me better than most adults and didn’t act like I was some dumb kid that belonged to his wife.

He treated me like a person, he had three kids of his own, one grown and a pair of 11 year old twins, a boy and a girl. His ex-wife was certifiable, that is no joke I met her crazy ass. Ran into her as an adult too.

I was getting ready for work on I think a Saturday when the doorbell rang, the week before my stepdad had packed a bag and left while everyone was gone and we were just waiting to hear from him, my Mom was pissed.

I heard the doorbell, yelled that I would get it, expecting a friend of mine and opened the door to a guy witha badge and a guy in all black with a white collar. I dropped what I was holding and called to my Mom pretty freaked out, I knew it was bad.

She wailed when she saw them and I called my Moms best friend while the cop and the Chaplain talked to my Mom or tried to, she was sobbing. It was July of 1994 and everything changed drastically in an instant. He had been found by a maid, who was no doubt traumatized by this experience, he had swallowed the barrel of his rifle and pulled the trigger with his toe.

I suppose whatever internal demons he was hosting had finally won. I learned after he passed that he had attempted suicide many times before and been caught.

I liked him a lot and I took his suicide very personally, which was wrong but I didn’t know any better, my Mom was handicapped in her grief and sent us to stay with her friend for a few days. Don’t know why we didn’t go to our Grandma’s but whatever.

Late in the night on the second night we were over there I went to lay down in the room I was staying in and lay there awake for a while. Remembering opening the door when the officer showed up with the Chaplain. You always know someone has died when you see a Chaplain, even if you’ve never seen one before, you know he brings death, I knew and I’ll never forget that moment.

Anyway, as I laid there I was thinking about my stepdad and getting angry with him, but feeling guilty because we had argued before he had left, I had said some things that I didn’t really mean. I swear to you in the corner of the room, he appeared, just his torso and face and he just looked at me, disapprovingly (I had partaken in some bong activity earlier in the day for the first time) and I remember saying a lot to him in my mind, but not making a sound and then as quickly as he came, he went away.

I didn’t sleep that night and for a long time after that day I felt like someone was watching me at different times. I haven’t ever talked about this really because I never really knew what to make of it and now, well it was 16 years ago so who cares, I was just a kid, who was high and might’ve been seeing things.

But I’ll never forget it.


Make Your Move

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One of the things I like about Tyler Perry is that he’s bringing to light a lot of the phrases and sayings that have been around for ages between mothers and their children, just maybe not on the mainstream level.

Like his new movie that I must go see, “I Can Do Bad By Myself” – I cannot even tell you how often I have uttered those very words, moreso in my younger years when I felt I was carrying a lot of responsibility that wasn’t my own.

There’s another saying that I have often thought or said aloud when I’m bored with a job, feeling slighted or having trouble cashing my paycheck (like my last 2 jobs) and it is:


I know that doesn’t sound like much of a statement, but when you’re tired of a job, bored with a job or feeling beaten down, that’s a very empowering statement. It reminds you that looking for a job is a job, that it takes time, sometimes multiple interviews, massive amounts of patience and the ability to successfully sell yourself, at least once, and preferably to the highest bidder.

We all get comfortable where we work, unless of course you hate your job from day one and then, well I can’t help you there – you probably knew you would hate it when you accepted it. I always found looking for a job trepidatious but at the same time exciting. You meet new people, sometimes you connect with those people immediately, and other times you know immediately you don’t want that job.

You get to field questions like:
“What was the most difficult hurdle you’ve faced in the workplace?”
“What was the most difficult interpersonal situation you’ve had to deal with in the workplace? How did you deal with it?”

I’ll tell you, if you can answer those two questions, the rest is a breeze. But let me tell you one of the worst experiences I think there is to deal with at work. Cliques.

Yep, it is just like effin high school. Cliques, and everyone is in cahoots but you. There is no more uncomfortable situation than that, being the outsider, the last one to know everything because no one will tell you what’s happening. That shit will drive a person crazy when they’re trying to do a good job, working hard because that’s what they do.

Which brings us back to, “I was looking for a job when I found this one..” ahem, weren’t you? If you are unhappy at work, only you can change that situation. Sometimes we simply out grow a place, and there is nothing wrong with that – life is about growing, changing and embracing a better you, all the time. Your employer is not the only game in town, there are others. If you’re ready to make a move, do it!