Who’s Running Things Around Here?

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I’ve always had these nagging doubts about God in the back of my mind, even whilst being a good “Christian” but moreso in the last few years than ever before.

With family members and other people I know passing or being ill, I understand the human need for there to be something more than just death being that its so final. I’ve carried the belief for a long time that if I have a good attitude, am nice to people, give when I can and take care of me and my own – I’ll at least have good karma on my side until I figure out religion.

So in an effort to gain understanding because I am interested, will you tell me about your faith? What makes you a believer in your God?

I grew up going to miscelleneous churches, when my mom got the notion (unpredictable and infrequent due to the random swings of bipolar disorder) we would go to church, usually Episcopalian, or we went with Grandma to her Baptist church. That was my exposure primarily, so I just don’t know much about anything other than Christianity. And I’m not sold on that.

I watch the science channel, I see the evidence presented regarding Evolution vs. Creation. I’ve read massive amounts of material, including much of the bible and the jury is still out for me, there are too many holes, but I don’t know everything.

As a parent, when you first lay eyes on your first born child, you can’t help but realise that there is something much larger than you at play, but what is it? Is it a gutteral notion of furthering mankind that I’m mistaking for a spiritual experience?

Is there a natural God, one of the earth that presides over everything on this planet? Is there a master Creator? What or who is running things on this planet?


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  1. I think you’re probably going to hell. You can’t really believe there is no religion, I mean you have a kid, you should know better.

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