Those Duggars Are at it Again!

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You think that’s what the neighbors say when they see all the kids leave at one time? Surely they get all the kids out of the house for their baby makin time. I mean is this woman extremely fertile or what?

At what point does dear old Mom decide there will be an end to her mommy days? Is she going to keep poppin them out until she goes through the change?

This couple creeps me out. Maybe they’re goinbg for a record of some sort, or what if….heh….they’re members of a wierd religion that has deemed the Duggars their leader and expects them to create their own race?

What do you think about having 19…19 effin kids?!


5 thoughts on “Those Duggars Are at it Again!

  1. 19 is too many!!! didn’t you see the show 8 is enough, haha but seriously, this is America you can do what you want, i dont have to agree, They’re mormon I’m not up and up on how it all works but my understanding is they are populating their “after world”. And while i’m glad i am not paying for them since we “can’t” tell them to stop having kids, in our great nation here we “can’t” stop ppl like Ms.Suleman(octomom) who is a financial burden on society and many others out there who can’t afford or more important can’t emotionally support even 1. I’m jus sayin :mrgreen:

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