What I Learned from Eminem

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It’s no secret that I enjoy Eminem’s music, I like Eminem for the same reason I like Kid Rock and really any kind of rap, they’re both cocky as it gets.

The difference between the two is also the reason I am more fond of Eminem, we’ve had a similar upbringing. Kid Rock had a normal upbringing, nice childhood, not so for our friend Marshall.

The songs to his mother filled with anger, I can relate to, we both came up feeling like a burden, feeling unwanted and worse, mistreated. What that does to people like Eminem and to me, who were both parents at a young age, is make us determined parents.

It’s made us both the kind of parents that try to be there and be honest with their kids, not fill them with bullshit or give them an unrealistic world view. Em has more money than me but I think we both spoil our children, though my son would tell you he’s deprived, that’s just what teenagers do.

Back to the teachings of Marshall Mathers though, I’ve learned you can’t have success without some adversity.

Adversity is a breeder of desire, will and determination…or in some cases, defeat. But you never hear from or about those guys.

In my life at some point, like most adolescents I decided I didn’t want to be like my mother. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be that hard because I had such a good example of what NOT to be, but I was wrong.

It is hard to make ends meet in the “real” world and sometimes, that’s the best that we can do. But because of the adversities you and I have faced in years past we know that the situation we’re in today will be different than a year from now, and even moreso in five.

I don’t know about you but I’ve done nothing but climb and claw my way up this “hill of life” since the beginning, from the hole I started in..hard times don’t mean anything to me and if anything, they serve as a time for me to gather strength, stock more ammunition and prepare for the onslaught to come. Hard times should be that way for you as well, after all, what better to do with that kind of downtime than regroup?

Adversity is welcome because it reminds me how I got this far, how I went from nothing to holding it down and learning everything I know the hard way. I can walk with my head held high because I am self made, I’m a scrapper and I’m willing to jump in the fight at any time.

I’ll be one tough act to follow, will you? 😉


One thought on “What I Learned from Eminem

  1. I love Marshall(if you know me you already know this). For a lot of the same reasons, i just relate to a lot of things that come out of his mouth! “i act like shit don’t phase me, inside it dives me crazy, my insecurities could eat me alive..” being one of my 1st favs from him. Also I’m kind of a walking contradiction. Pretty open minded. If i have something to say to you or about you I’ll say it i dont care if it gets back to you I’m not a behind your back kinda girl, if I say it i meant it and meant for you to hear it(not that i’ve never been wrong and if i was ill say im wrong and sorry although this has happened rarely:). I don’t generally start shit but i will finish it realizing the whole time that eventually there is someone bigger and badder, but we’re gonna find out if its you or me cause i don’t know how to back down, more so, maybe detrimentally, i refuse to. I’m kinda rambling here sorry. it’s some thing that i like talking about it. Eminem is so popular cause so many ppl relate, everyone has a story maybe better maybe worse but in the end we’ve all had the same feelings the circumstances that lead to those feelings(anger,sadness, joy, loss, heartbreak, etc…) maybe different but we all relate to the feeling it caused which is always why you hear ppl say “i understand how you feel” before you hastingly think “no you have no idea” they’re prolly telling the truth. Also secretly everyone wants to feel like a bad ass they wanna be that person that says Fuck it “i am whatever you say i am if i wasnt why would you say i am” and not give a shit. The older i get the more i really i dont give a shit what ppl that mean as little to me as i meant to them think. That is liberating. Anyhoo sorry i kinda went on and on and hopefully its not to confusing.

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