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I’ve always considered myself creative, heh. I’m starting to realize my creativity beyond words is pretty slim. Sad for me but I’m hoping to learn it. As a result of the desire but sheer lack of ability, I’ve gotten my hands on the Creative Suite from Adobe and I’ve been playing in Photoshop in weeks past because I already had that program. I’m very excited about the tools I have laid out before me.

Shiny and new, fresh from the box these programs are beckoning for my mouse to click and brush, and play inside them. But…I have a lot of hesitation in this. You see, I have respect for the arts, which is giving me this whole feeling of intimidation. Ha, that’s funny – me intimidated. LMAO. Oh but, I am. Big bad scary design software. BOO!

When the lauded programs finished installing my eyes went as big as saucers as the inside me (you know that “Fun” that Dave & Buster’s talks about? it’s real) screamed, “Open it lady! Let’s PLAAAAAAY!” I am chicken though, not sure of what to do first. I like to jump in feet first in most cases and in most programs I have a little bit of knowledge, a touch at least. For these, I have none.

If you were mentioned in the title of this post, I need your help. I really like to learn from those who do, and would love it if you could share a tip or two, three or even a bunch. šŸ˜‰ I’m a newbie begging for education and you’re the one with all the know how and tricks and all that cool shit I see on these here interwebs.

You know who you are. I will praise you, link to you, anything you want me to do, if you will share a jewel, just lay it on me. One good turn deserves another, I’m a firm believer in that. So, if you’re feeling generous or know of some great tutorials you can link me to, I’m all ears. šŸ™‚

For the writers, I welcome anything you’d like to share, this site is open to guest bloggers at any time, want to expose your work to a new audience? MouthyGirl readers love flavor. šŸ˜‰ Would you like to sound off about something you don’t think your readers will respond to on your blog? MouthyGirl.com could be the place that your new voice finds it’s clarity. All I ask is that you don’t censor yourself. We’re all grown ups here. šŸ˜‰

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