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Everyone by now has heard about Kanye taking the mic from Taylor Swift at the awards on Sunday, and if you haven’t, google it. 😉

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We all know this isn’t the first time Kanye West has looked like a complete douchebag. But we’ve all met people like him before haven’t we? Doesn’t it seem like there are a lot of Kanye’s in this world? That guy at the office that takes all the credit for ideas, regardless of whose they were; or the kissass that gets no work done but the boss can’t see that for the lips on their ass; or the girl that calls in sick or has an excuse to get out of working at least one day a week, but they manage to hold on to their job.

How do you maintain confidence without recognition for your own hard work? Someone needs to recognize that you’re doing a good job right? We thrive on praise and love attention as human beings, we need the feedback. But do you just quit if the recognition or praise eludes you? I don’t think so.

The reality is that most often, you won’t get recognized for the hard work that you do, but does that mean you stop working hard? For some people that’s exactly what it means. Don’t let that be you. Take pride in the work that you do, do it right. It doesn’t matter what kind of work, housework, schoolwork, paid work, whatever – do it right. It benefits you to know you did the best that you could, when you put out your best effort, regardless of external recognition, you know you work hard.

It’s easier to walk with your head held high for the right reasons than it is to walk around with false bravado, acting like you’re the shit without being able to back it up. Just like your Mom always told you, don’t worry so much about everyone else, worry about you. Pat yourself on the back when you’ve successfully pulled off a project, treat yourself when your presentation goes well, but don’t stop giving it your all because someone else is stealing your glory.

If you’re gonna have an ego, at least be deserving.


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