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When we watch tv we watch kind of a select few channels. Mostly the History channel and ScyFy, channels like that frequently have enlightening shows. We watch things like The Universe and other shows about the history of man. Very interesting stuff on these channels.

What i wonder though is if these things capture my interest now, why did I do so poorly in those subjects in school. Honestly, I did poorly overall, never had grades that would do more than simply pass me.

I guess the fact that teachers and schools don’t have designers, computer programmers and narraters at the ready makes the school learning a little less sensational.

With this interest of mine I’m considering visiting a museum this weekend, to see if I find that to be fun, I am far more interested now in the history of the world than I could have ever imagined when I was young.

What historical places would you visit in your locale if you have time this weekend? Personally, I think I’ll be getting on the internet, deciding to go either to the Dallas museum or the Ft. Worth museum…we’ll see. Do they let you take pictures in museums?

You know I’ll tell you all about it šŸ™‚


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