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One of the things I like about Tyler Perry is that he’s bringing to light a lot of the phrases and sayings that have been around for ages between mothers and their children, just maybe not on the mainstream level.

Like his new movie that I must go see, “I Can Do Bad By Myself” – I cannot even tell you how often I have uttered those very words, moreso in my younger years when I felt I was carrying a lot of responsibility that wasn’t my own.

There’s another saying that I have often thought or said aloud when I’m bored with a job, feeling slighted or having trouble cashing my paycheck (like my last 2 jobs) and it is:


I know that doesn’t sound like much of a statement, but when you’re tired of a job, bored with a job or feeling beaten down, that’s a very empowering statement. It reminds you that looking for a job is a job, that it takes time, sometimes multiple interviews, massive amounts of patience and the ability to successfully sell yourself, at least once, and preferably to the highest bidder.

We all get comfortable where we work, unless of course you hate your job from day one and then, well I can’t help you there – you probably knew you would hate it when you accepted it. I always found looking for a job trepidatious but at the same time exciting. You meet new people, sometimes you connect with those people immediately, and other times you know immediately you don’t want that job.

You get to field questions like:
“What was the most difficult hurdle you’ve faced in the workplace?”
“What was the most difficult interpersonal situation you’ve had to deal with in the workplace? How did you deal with it?”

I’ll tell you, if you can answer those two questions, the rest is a breeze. But let me tell you one of the worst experiences I think there is to deal with at work. Cliques.

Yep, it is just like effin high school. Cliques, and everyone is in cahoots but you. There is no more uncomfortable situation than that, being the outsider, the last one to know everything because no one will tell you what’s happening. That shit will drive a person crazy when they’re trying to do a good job, working hard because that’s what they do.

Which brings us back to, “I was looking for a job when I found this one..” ahem, weren’t you? If you are unhappy at work, only you can change that situation. Sometimes we simply out grow a place, and there is nothing wrong with that – life is about growing, changing and embracing a better you, all the time. Your employer is not the only game in town, there are others. If you’re ready to make a move, do it!


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