Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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I’ve always had an interest in the supernatural, and I believe to this day I saw a ghost when I was 14.

My mother married a guy in January of 1994 who I liked a lot. He had been a career marine, been all over the world and enjoyed talking about his travels, he treated me better than most adults and didn’t act like I was some dumb kid that belonged to his wife.

He treated me like a person, he had three kids of his own, one grown and a pair of 11 year old twins, a boy and a girl. His ex-wife was certifiable, that is no joke I met her crazy ass. Ran into her as an adult too.

I was getting ready for work on I think a Saturday when the doorbell rang, the week before my stepdad had packed a bag and left while everyone was gone and we were just waiting to hear from him, my Mom was pissed.

I heard the doorbell, yelled that I would get it, expecting a friend of mine and opened the door to a guy witha badge and a guy in all black with a white collar. I dropped what I was holding and called to my Mom pretty freaked out, I knew it was bad.

She wailed when she saw them and I called my Moms best friend while the cop and the Chaplain talked to my Mom or tried to, she was sobbing. It was July of 1994 and everything changed drastically in an instant. He had been found by a maid, who was no doubt traumatized by this experience, he had swallowed the barrel of his rifle and pulled the trigger with his toe.

I suppose whatever internal demons he was hosting had finally won. I learned after he passed that he had attempted suicide many times before and been caught.

I liked him a lot and I took his suicide very personally, which was wrong but I didn’t know any better, my Mom was handicapped in her grief and sent us to stay with her friend for a few days. Don’t know why we didn’t go to our Grandma’s but whatever.

Late in the night on the second night we were over there I went to lay down in the room I was staying in and lay there awake for a while. Remembering opening the door when the officer showed up with the Chaplain. You always know someone has died when you see a Chaplain, even if you’ve never seen one before, you know he brings death, I knew and I’ll never forget that moment.

Anyway, as I laid there I was thinking about my stepdad and getting angry with him, but feeling guilty because we had argued before he had left, I had said some things that I didn’t really mean. I swear to you in the corner of the room, he appeared, just his torso and face and he just looked at me, disapprovingly (I had partaken in some bong activity earlier in the day for the first time) and I remember saying a lot to him in my mind, but not making a sound and then as quickly as he came, he went away.

I didn’t sleep that night and for a long time after that day I felt like someone was watching me at different times. I haven’t ever talked about this really because I never really knew what to make of it and now, well it was 16 years ago so who cares, I was just a kid, who was high and might’ve been seeing things.

But I’ll never forget it.


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