Terrorist Plotting in Dallas

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I was watching the news this morning, as I do everyday and learned that a guy named Hosamn Smadi who was only 19 from Jordan who tried to blow up a building in Downtown Dallas and was caught by the FBI.

The son of a bitch had wanted to place a bomb at DFW airport but decided it was too risky. He’s a “soldier” for Osama Bin Laden who was managing a Sonic in Italy, TX, a small suburb.

Personally, hearing this reminds me of 911, my first thoughts when that happened was to go pick up my son from preschool and get far away from the city.

I talked to my Grandmother that day and she told me we would be fine, and of course that calmed me and before we knew it that awful day was over and nothing else happened.

It’s incredibly scary to think about something like that happening here. I live quite literally next door to one of the biggest airports in the world, in possibly the most hated city now that the Bushes have settled here.

Maybe we should consider a move….


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