Fatties and Famous People – What Happened to Hollywood?

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I was on NBCDFW.com yesterday reading about politics, weather and other assorted bits of news, or shall I say sordid bits of news, same difference.

There was a link to a slideshow of actors and actresses, singers, etc. – various “famous” people who have struggled with weight and first I’d like to say whoever wrote that commentary must be a real douchebag.

The stars that have been given grief about weight should be proud of themselves for not conforming to the standard anorexic look that Hollywood seems to prefer, which is disgusting. Normal people who live real lives and work for a real living don’t look like that.

Not to mention some of us don’t have three hours to devote to working out everyday, thank you very much @KirstieAllie “If I can do it you can do it” – give me the freedom of your schedule and money honey and I can do it too, I know it.

I am not the first to let this myth of beauty irritate me, it kind of annoys me that casting directors cast the same people over and over in movies, perpetuating this bullshit, we don’t see movies for the story anymore, we go see our favorite actors…see where this is going wrong yet?

Has entertainment turned into this disgusting running commentary about famous people and what they’re up to or down to or who they’re fucking?

I DON’T CARE! Start casting unknowns and make a movie I haven’t seen before, stop toiling over Kim Khadashians weight and write a screenplay with a half ass decent plot.

I don’t care if Phillip Seymour Hoffman has a spare tire any more than I care about Mary Kate and Ashleys shoulder bones showing, those people don’t pay my bills!

Why does the news think we care? Do you care about the Olsen twins weight? How much Kevin Federline has gained? Kelly Clarksons “chub” anyone?

Yeah, me either.


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