In These Hard Times

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This summer we had the hardest time financially that I can remember having since I left home. I was actually unemployed for nearly two months, a terrifying two months. I am incredibly lucky I found a job quickly, and to boot its one I really really love.

Just when I became unemployed, my husbands hours were cut by 8 a week, that’s a significant difference. I panicked and have spent the entire summer waiting for the house of cards to fall.

It didn’t. We made it work, barely at times. I budgeted religiously, made detailed grocery lists and can tell you we have lived a week and a half on $70 in groceries. Its been a real scrape.

This is not a unique story. You have one just like it, others have stories far worse. The economy has taken a hard hit and those of us earning money are wary of spending it.

The government talks about reforming healthcare and I understand that its important, trust me I did customer service in a major hospital call center, some changes are long overdue.

I think the time and money investment could be better spent getting America back to work. How can someone worry about their healthcare if they have no job to pay for it? I think the unemployed masses would agree food and shelter should prolly come first.

I’m disappointed our government doesn’t realize this, but that’s to be expected isn’t it. At least we know Washington is listening to us somewhat about the healthcare extreme makeover and not just passing any old legislation.

How have you been holding up in these hard times?


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