The Shops are Closing on Main Street

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I’m not going to claim that I keep up with politics like I should. I believe I’m like most everyone else, when the bigger elections come around like Governor and President, I’m all ears.

I understand that Healthcare is a big issue right now, however I think Washington is missing the point. Most of us are very concerned with having enough money just to eat, having Healthcare, while important, I don’t believe is at the forefront for anyone but senior citizens.

How about turning our major focus back to employment, bringing home our soldiers and making sure Main Street America has a place to live?

What has happened to the priorities in this country? Our President wins the Nobel Peace prize because he has changed the way our country is viewed and the morale of us all has improved, yet some Americans say he doesn’t deserve it. Obama himself was stunned, but humbled – regardless this gives him something further to think about.

We’ve fired a missile on the Moon, wow, while an interesting move scientifically, shouldn’t America be watching its pennies, tightening up and living on a budget? Why are we sending billions of dollars into space for a science experiment, however cool and explosive?

I think its time Washington look at Main Street America and ask us what we need instead of just using it to fluff their speeches.


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