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I saw a commercial for an upcoming Behind The Music about 50 Cent. I saw a few other previews of it too, I have for a long time admired Eminem, who can be said to have assisted 50’s success early on, and by proxy 50 Cent, though I can’t claim to know much that 50 has done, he made a statement that keeps ringing in my ears.

“I don’t see anyone as a threat, what could they do that hasn’t been done to me?”

Good point. This man was still selling crack while penning and recording his first album and has been shot 5 times, by comparison he’s had it far rougher than most of us will ever know.

But he makes a very good point. Chances are the worst thing you’ve ever dealt with is as bad as it can get, so why be scared of getting out there and taking what’s yours in life? What keeps you from defending and protecting you and yours from any onslaught?

A lot of people choose the victim role in life, everything happens to them and there’s never a way out of the situation. These are the people who have excuses for anything and everything at the ready for why they can’t do this, shouldn’t do that, just couldn’t possibly make that change…

It’s tiring for those of us that don’t live to make excuses, not to mention extremely annoying. It’s hard to have patience with excuse driven people when you’re a results driven person.

People like 50, Eminem and other successful people are thankful for the role hardship played in their lives because they recognize the growth it brought them, the strength inside they possess for having gone through it.

It’s been said that what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger and I really believe that.

Do you?


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