5 Year Old Boy Wants to be Tinkerbell

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Yesterday on the radio show I listen to sometimes a woman called in worried and paranoid about her 5 year old. Seems he wants to be Tinkerbell for Halloween.

She bought the costume and has let himwear it and it makes him very happy. She said she didn’t want to encourage him.

Id like to inject my opinion here but I’m going to refrain because I want this to be an open discussion in the comments. What are your thoughts on a 5 year old boy dressing as Tinkerbell for Halloween?


3 thoughts on “5 Year Old Boy Wants to be Tinkerbell

  1. I agree with you both, I think he should be warned about the consequences, possibly kept within the family for trick or treating, but overall – I don’t think this mom was being rational. Little kids have accidents in their pants too but that doesn’t mean they’ll have them as an adult.

    I also think it’s a great opportunity to teach tolerance and acceptance to the boy.
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  2. Sigh…I don’t think it’s a problem around the house, but I look at it from more of a general perspective. I wouldn’t let the boy go out of the house wearing plaid and polka dots together, nor would I let him wear two different shoes, unless it’s tacky day at school or something. I do that to avoid public embarrassment for him and for me. I don’t see much difference in the two. If I want to protect him from public embarrassment when it comes to matching clothes, then what’s different about protecting him from it when it comes to opposite-gender-specific clothes?

  3. If the boy wants to be Tinkerbell then he should be allowed to do so. He should probably be warned that there may some ridicule from his peers, but frankly many, many young boys go through phases like this around that age. Most grow up to be testosterone filled heterosexual men. If they grow up to be homosexual men, so what, and I assure you it isn’t because they dressed as Tinkerbell one Halloween.

    That’s my two cents.

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