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The best way to teach people how you think they should be is to be that person. Do the things you’d like other people to be doing and if you’re in a position of leadership and the people who should don’t take that hint, then you take it a step further. At that point I think it’s safe to say that the ground rules have been laid and you need to make the point more obvious.

Here’s the problem I have, I was at a restaurant eating a few weeks ago when I heard someone tell her child, “Do as I say not as I do”. Seriously. The person she was speaking to, obviously her daughter but a grown daughter at that so of course, I’m hoping she meant it in jest. You know how I feel about that take on life, “do as I say…” but I’m too good to follow my own rules. That’s bullshit.

The bosses I adored were the ones down there in the trenches with me. Bosses are supposed to lead by example, teach you what you need to know, coach you periodically and support you when you need it. But most importantly they can and will do your job if necessary and they can definitely tell you how to do it again if need be, though it’s not a favorable position to put yourself in.

Let’s just speak over what should be common sense rules for the workplace:

1. Keep cell phone use to a minimum if at all, it should be about your kids.
2. Show up ON TIME.
3. Do your job.
4. Stay off the internet, unless of course your job requires that you be on it.
5. Respect your boss and listen, they’re the boss, not you.
6. Don’t assume your boss is too stupid to notice your stall tactics.

Those are some of the most basic rules of the workplace and decency that come to me right off the bat. Feel free to add things…


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