Bite Your Tongue!

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It’s the holiday season, the time of year when everyone is supposed to be on their best behavior and put up with the most crap from people. Drunk relatives at dinner on the holiday, relatives in jail on the holiday, gossipers, mean spirited people, they all need love during the holidays.

Regardless of the dysfunction in your own family, it’s good form to swallow your pride, show up and smile and make like you like these people. They are after all the reason you are the way that you are, and we’re proud of that aren’t we?

So go ahead and use this post as your personal purge place of all that is your holiday irritation. Something happen every holiday that you’re not looking forward too? We’ll comfort you, share here, we all have that one thing that we know will happen that really gets under our skin.

I’ll start. Growing up, my Mom didn’t express a lot of care, affection or any of that sort of gushiness you expect from mothers that love their kids to death. However, the grandkids are a different story, they get love, gushiness, the whole ball of wax. It grosses me out. I’m glad for the kids, they need it and should have it, so it’s great that she does it for them, I just can’t help but wonder if it’s an act to be accepted.

It just grosses me out. Your turn.


2 thoughts on “Bite Your Tongue!

  1. If it weren’t for the massive guilt trips I would receive for the no show – I would totally do that. I do love everyone else though and seeing all the nieces and nephews makes me smile.

  2. You’re good. I just can’t bring myself to be with my relatives over the holidays. Can’t do it. The phoniness of it all, the pretending to care, chaps my skinny ass. I still enjoy the Holidays. Nice, quiet, relaxing days tend to rejuvenate my soul.
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