Letting a Man Be a Man

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I read an article by Stephanie Theubauld in The Times (UK) about The Rise of Mid Life Lesbians. I want you to read it before I go on.

Now, I can understand where a lot of the women are coming from, but the problem is this – they likely didn’t allow their man to be a man. We’ve all seen and heard about the men who are constantly micromanaged by their wife/girlfriend and sadly this is a true statistic. I’ve seen the tide changing in attitude and I know it’s unexpected coming from a woman, but I don’t think men have been getting a fair shake.

Whether women want to admit it or not, good men are really good men. They get up and go to work every day and don’t complain, taking care of their families in the way that they’re expected to and the way they know. Then they come home to a wife who also likely worked all day and is tired but craving attention and time, children who have either been in daycare or school, or both and are anxious for time with people who love them and everyone has their own little set of personal needs that need to be filled.

Forty years ago a man could come home, turn on the football or baseball game or whatever and tune the family out and that was okay, no one had a bad word to say. Somewhere the tide has changed, the expectation has changed of what a man should be and he has had to change and adapt with it.

I think that men have not been appreciated enough for their adaptation to women’s expectations of them. The position this writer takes against men misses its mark largely because men are doing what they’re told, and still losing their wives.

I don’t disagree with the position that there are men that can’t get their shit together, even men know men like that but I wouldn’t say that’s all of them and I wouldn’t even call it a large portion of the male population because one of the greatest things about a man is his pride, and that drives him so often to be truly great.

If women are going gay they shouldn’t blame it on men being insufficient in any form or fashion.

If being bisexual is the way they want to be then so be it, out with it whatever but don’t blame men – that’s not fair, when a man says he’s gay he doesn’t follow it with “..because women are just too into drama and buying crap…I just couldn’t take it anymore..and there’s less chance of diseases..” I call bullshit!

Please – give the boys a hand, they put up with A LOT. Don’t you agree?


What Did You Really Want for Christmas?

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It’s no secret that Christmas is not my favorite holiday, when I was a kid it was, of course every kid loves Christmas…that’s before the bills.

On Christmas Day I looked at pictures people happily posted of their trees with presents everywhere, so and so had a visit from Santa and so forth. Yay.

I didn’t even put up a tree. I felt a little guilty because my son didn’t get to see Christmas represented in our living room with a tree, lights and ornaments, under which my cats like to hide and occasionally topple the whole structure.

We told him what we were getting him on Christmas Eve so he wouldn’t wake up feeling empty handed, he was happy.

I wanted to keep that money for me though. Is that terrible? $280 bucks! Do you know what I could do with $280 bucks? Pssssh! Honestly, the kid has a rotten attitude most of the time, but I couldn’t think of anything else he would want that hadn’t already been bought for him.

What I want to know though is what you really wanted for Christmas. What was it, did you tell anyone you wanted it? Did you get it?

I wanted to go shopping, as much as I hate it on any normal day, when I want to go I really want to and I wanted to go shopping very badly over the weekend. I had family engagements though, and now the mood has passed.


Tis The Season

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Today one of my coworkers told me her husband was laid off yesterday.

Its not any of my business except now she’s stressed out about it. Its upsetting to have that happen in this season.

That company is comprised of tools, and you know what I mean. If you were laid off right before Christmas what would you do?

Have some choice words to share? Punch the jerk in the face?


The Good Stuff

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The days since I have appreciated country are past, a while ago, I occasionally enjoy a song or two but can’t bear country radio. Anyway, that’s not the point.

There’s a song that I’ve always liked by Kenny Chesney called The Good Stuff, and it really is, its a story to reminsd of how important the little things are. Country music is good story music, it tells a story, often with a moral and everything. 😉

My weekend was largely family motivated, Friday night the hubs and I went to a Christmas party for his company, not bad, people are hilarious at those kinds of things, I will always swear they get no work done and there are midgets that get all that work done at night.

Saturday night we saw a play that his Grandmother was in which was very sweet. At a church – it was hard folks, I thought I might melt…. lol.

Sunday I had the privilege of helping my Grandmother out and setting her computer up with virus protection and showing her how to use it. This meant more to me than anything else I did this weekend because my Grandmother doesn’t ask for help often and this kind of help, ridding her pc of viruses, malware and sluggish programs, used to be my Uncles job. We lost him several years ago now but its still fresh and close to the surface for all of us.

I even managed to watch a few episodes of Dexter, season 2….more good stuff.

I didn’t get any housework done and the boys had to go grocery shopping but dammit, I feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend, tell me – how was yours?