If There Was No Christmas

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Christmas is coming and for the last several years I’ve held a question in the back of my mind, will this always be considered a “religious” holiday?

What about those of us that don’t practice or believe in religion? We like to spend time with our families too and this is the only time of the year that’s widely recognized as a holiday season, what happens when religion no longer prevails? Do we lose the season?

What would there be if there wasn’t Christmas?


3 thoughts on “If There Was No Christmas

  1. Most of the holiday traditions are pagan. The Christmas tree has nothing to do with Christ. I read a book once that Christmas was moved (according to the historian Christ was born in summer) to convert the pagans to Christianity. The pagans celebrated the winter solstice. Look on your calandar and the winter soltice comes right around the time of Christmas.

    And screw those who say if I’m not Christian I can’t celebrate it.

  2. I have always celebrated Christmas with my family too, it’s about them and enjoying our short time to me but I overheard someone saying that people who aren’t Christian shouldn’t get to celebrate, just got me thinking…

    Are they right? Wrong?

    I think it’s probably more a matter of personal preference. I know people who don’t see their family for any occasion, I just can’t bring myself to do that.

  3. Christmas has become secularized for many people. Santa Claus is very secular. I have been non religious all of my life and have always celebrated Christmas. The season for me is about friends and family. We always find a way to get together at that time.

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